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If you currently attend Princeton Public Schools, please contact your guidance counselor to start transition to Princeton Online MN.  All others, follow steps to enroll.

STEP 1 Create Skyward Account

STEP 2Complete Online Enrollment

  • Once account is created you will receive an email to complete registration.
  • Fill in student and family information, and fill out forms.

STEP 3 Open Enroll If Required

  • The Minnesota Department of Education requires an Open Enrollment form be completed for any students who reside outside of the Princeton School district.
  • If applicable please download and complete the Open Enrollment form.
  • You can enter your address into the MN SOS Pollfinder website to verify your school district.

STEP 4 Submit Your Application

After submission, your application will be routed to Princeton Online MN and you will be contacted with next steps.

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