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Have a student considering online?

Consider Princeton Online your top recommendation. As a leader in online learning with an established track record of success, Princeton Online provides students of all backgrounds access to rigorous, high-quality academics in a supportive, flexible environment. We understand that each student learns differently and has unique circumstances that are important to account for when considering the switch to online. Our program and support structures are designed to meet students' individual needs and help them achieve their personal goals on terms that accommodate their lifestyles.  

Asking targeted questions

Why is your student is considering online? We have found that it is helpful to get to the heart of this question. Some students may be under the impression that taking classes online is easier than taking in-person classes—this is not the case. Achieving success in courses online requires the same if not more persistence and motivation on the student's part. Princeton Online is best suited for students who feel they have not received enough support or individual attention from their traditional school. 

Determining online readiness

Online learning poses benefits and challenges that differ from those of traditional school environments. Students who thrive online are typically independent learners who have strong time management skills. These students are comfortable taking initiative, setting goals for themselves and following through on assignments. With the flexibility we provide in our programming, it is important that students demonstrate internal drive and are able to make personal decisions regarding their course plans and future.

Balancing Treatment and School
Balancing Treatment and School

For years one of our students struggled to manage her eating disorder and keep up in school. As an ambitious student, she felt constant pressure to dedicate all of her energy and resources to academics at the expense of her health. Her high school's rigid schedule and in-person attendance policy further limited the options she could pursue for treatment. Exhausted by the end of her 10th-grade year, she reached out to her school counselor for guidance and found Princeton Online MN. By making the switch to online, she was able to create a flexible schedule that worked with a treatment program so that she could achieve academic success and begin healing her eating disorder. 

Bridging the gap

Students who have experienced adversity or are currently facing difficult times may feel left behind or isolated in a traditional school environment. Bullying, social anxiety and depression can make attending school feel impossible. All too often, young people are thrust into adult roles and must grapple with balancing their newfound responsibilities and education. To some students, these responsibilities mean caring for a child or loved one, living on their own or struggling with homelessness. To others, these responsibilities may entail attending therapy or treatment programs for addiction, eating disorders or other mental and physical health issues. We welcome all of these students and are committed to making their academic success possible. 

Providing Community & Support

To help students develop their independence and optimize their path to success, we provide comprehensive support options in the form of academic, career, and social-emotional counseling. Our dedicated teachers are available via email, phone and for one-on-one virtual meetings to discuss homework, test preparation and testing strategies. For social-emotional support and help navigating relationships, our counseling staff are here to listen and provide guidance to students through this transitional point in their lives. At Princeton Online, no one is on their own. We work hard to foster a culture of trust, respect and friendship among our students.