Graduate when and where you want

At each step of your academic journey, we are here to support you in making decisions that align with your current needs and future plans. With the flexibility we provide, you have the power to earn a diploma on your terms—when and where you want. Graduating from Princeton Online MN is more than checking off a list of criteria—it marks the personal achievement of the goals you have set for yourself. To be a Princeton graduate is to be a deep learner who engages in meaningful dialogue and feels a part of something bigger than themselves. Graduating from Princeton means you have what you need to succeed in your own life both personally and professionally.

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Graduation Requirements

It’s our responsibility to lead students to think differently, discover possibilities and explore new interests, ideas, and experiences. We are here to support you in finding personal ways to engage with a functional range of subjects. Our graduation requirements are designed to help you achieve your goals and foster resiliency in learning. You are in control of choosing how to approach each subject through course selection, and we help ensure you’re reaching your full potential. To receive a diploma from Princeton Public Schools, all students must earn the below credits per category in addition to meeting Minnesota state graduation requirements.

65 total credits

English 9
Mathematics 9
Social Studies 7
Science 7
Health 1
Physical Education 2
College & Career 1
Arts 2
Electives 27