Student Life

Two men smile as they work together on one laptop.


Close-knit & inclusive community

Our online community is integral to who we are and what makes our students successful. Collaboration through technology teaches Princeton students how to build functional relationships online, while cultivating a meaningful academic and social support network. Students from diverse backgrounds and identities are able to connect, study together and motivate each other beyond what is possible in a traditional school environment.  

Meet Your Teachers

Our staff are dedicated to delivering rigorous, high-quality education with individualized guidance for all students.

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Student Expectations

We have expectations for how students conduct themselves online to create a learning environment that promotes success.

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Cyber Safety

At Princeton Online MN, safety is a priority. We encourage students and families to explore our resources for practicing safety online.

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Access & Equity

Students of all backgrounds and identities are welcome at Princeton Online MN! Discover what it means to learn and grow with us.

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A different Online Experience

Compassionate instructors

Challenging you to think differently

Supportive online community

Academics personalized with you

For Parents

Online learning offers unique benefits and challenges for your child. Explore the advantages of an online high school experience, and read our frequently asked questions for more information. 

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For School Counselors

Helping a student with their decision to pursue school online is critical and should be considered carefully. Read more about our program's accreditation and legacy, and reach out to us for more Information.

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