Student Expectations

Optimize your learning environment for success

We believe that success is made possible when students understand what is expected of them and work collectively to meet and exceed those expectations. Attending class online requires the same—if not more—intention, dedication and discipline as attendance in a traditional school environment. It is our expectation that you take your education seriously and conduct yourself according to the policies and procedures outlined in our Student Handbook.

Student Expectations

Prepare in advance

First and foremost, we expect that all students are prepared for instruction to begin. Before class convenes, you should have all of the necessary materials (texts, notebooks or note taking tools, headphones, recording applications, writing utensils, homework assignments, etc.) open and ready for immediate use.

Dress for success

Even though you may be attending class from the comfort of your home or an alternative environment, we expect that you have dressed appropriately for in-person instruction. While we do not have a dress code specific to Princeton Online MN, we ask that you exercise your best judgement about what clothing is acceptable for an academic setting. 

Define your workspace

It may seem tempting to access your classes and study materials from your bed or sofa, but we recommend creating a more structured environment for learning and conducting academic work. Investing in a desk or table with a comfortable chair and whatever other accommodations you might need can eliminate distractions and help you feel ready to fully participate. 


Attendance policy

Even though you are taking courses virtually, your attendance will be monitored.  In order for your attendance to be in good standing, you are expected to login and work a minimum of 5 hours per course per week.  A full-time student taking 6 classes is expected to login and work for 25–30 hours per week to meet attendance requirements and to complete their work on time. You can avoid having absences by making adequate weekly progress in your assigned coursework or by working ahead in your coursework.  Unlike a regular classroom, you can work on assignments 24/7.  If you are ill for a day or two, you can still complete your work throughout the week and not fall behind. 

Please refer to the Princeton High School Handbook for information regarding attendance and truancy.

Please notify Rebecca Fuller, Princeton Online MN Coordinator (763-389-6069), or the PHS Attendance Line (763-389-6014) if you become ill for several days or if you are planning to be out of town for an extended period of time.


The following grading scale will be used by all teachers for all courses.


93 – 100%


73 – 77%


A -

90 – 92%

C -

70 – 72%

B +

88 - 89%

D +

68 – 69%


83 – 87%


63 – 67%

B -

80 – 82%

D -

60 – 62%

C +

78 – 79 %


59 & below

The following category grading breakdown is recommended.  Teachers and departments will be working toward implementing this recommendation during the 2020–21 school year.

  • 80% Summative Assessments
  • 20% Formative Assessments