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Why online?

Choosing online learning is an important decision that requires careful consideration. Each student comes with a unique background and reasons for pursuing high school online, and Princeton Online MN has something to offer everyone. We recommend reading all of our resources below and reaching out directly to our staff to talk through your personal circumstances.

Advanced & Specialized Coursework

Online courses afford students access to advanced material across a wealth of subjects that are typically unavailable in traditional school settings. With more than 100 unique classes to choose from at a variety of levels, our students are able to choose courses that fit their needs and interests. View our Online Course Catalog.

Ownership & Empowerment

Students who take online classes often feel a greater sense of ownership over their education because they can choose courses that reflect their passions and capabilities. Our online setting both encourages and fosters students’ independence, which helps build lifelong confidence and self-awareness.  

Comprehensive Support

At Princeton Online MN, it is our goal to ensure that driven students can explore demanding coursework without the added stress of a commute and social pressure. Students who feel safe in their learning environment are better equipped to focus and excel because they do not have to spend time, energy and resources worrying about external factors. Visit Counseling to learn more.

Marketable Skills

Most modern classrooms integrate technology to varying degrees, but online school pushes students to master digital tools and organizational skills that carry significant value in higher education and the workforce. The discipline, time management, and initiative necessary to achieve digital fluency sets our students apart and gives them a competitive edge.

Community & Inclusion

Our online community is integral to who we are and what makes our students successful. Collaboration through technology teaches Princeton students how to build functional relationships online, while cultivating a meaningful academic and social support network. Students from diverse backgrounds are able to connect, study together and motivate each other beyond what is possible in a traditional school environment.   

Individualized Engagement

While some students thrive in a face-to-face classroom environment, we recognize that learning is not “one size fits all.” Our flexible instruction means students have the option to customize their experience, while reducing learning barriers and creating new academic challenges. Students can set their own pace, create goals and receive one-on-one guidance to maximize their success. 

What does a high-achieving online student look like?

Students of all backgrounds, academic achievement levels and interests can meet their goals through online learning. We have observed traits from our most successful Princeton Online MN students. A student is likely to excel online if they are:

  • Motivated and mature enough to complete assignments without instructor supervision

  • Willing to learn the technological skills required to take an online course

  • Capable of using time-management skills to study and keep track of deadlines

  • Goal-oriented, persistent and able to stay positive

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes!  Coursework from Princeton Online MN meets NCAA nontraditional core-course legislation; school code 240011. This is an important consideration for student athletes who are seeking collegiate opportunities after graduation.