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Updates for the 2021-22 School Year

We have made BIG changes for the 2021-2022 school year. Along with Princeton High School, Princeton Online MN is excited to announce the adoption of the Schoology Learning Management System and Apex Courseware. Students will access their Schoology from the ISD477 Clever Portal.

Students will be required to complete short Schoology Bootcamp and Apex Student Orientation courses before they begin their courses. 

Accessing Your Courses

All courses will be accessed through the ISD477 Clever Portal. Please reference the Clever Login Instructions or the visit the Clever Help Portal for Students and Families if you encounter issues accessing your account.

ISD477 Clever Portal

Apex login

Getting Started

Academic Support

As a Princeton Online MN student, you will have remote access to help at all times and can easily schedule virtual, "face-to-face" appointments or phone calls with your teachers. We encourage all our students to connect with their teachers early and often to build strong relationships and stay on track.

Contact Your Teachers

Tech Support

If you need technical support you can reach our Helpdesk by calling 763-389-7253 during regular office hours (7:30 am–4:00 pm) or through email at

Students are expected to be competent at using the Internet, downloading and uploading files, and using email and Princeton Google Apps for Education (Gmail, Google Drive, Calendar, Google Classroom, etc). Princeton Online will provide an email account for student/teacher communication and students are expected to use their email account as the primary method for communication.

Tech Requirements

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes!  Coursework from Princeton Online MN meets NCAA nontraditional core-course legislation; school code 240011. This is an important consideration for student athletes who are seeking collegiate opportunities after graduation.